Welcome, fellow diaper changers and bottle washers! Being a mom isn’t easy, is it? Everyone knows the old adage: “A man’s work is from dusk to dawn but a woman’s job is never done.”  That never held so true till applied to a mother’s work load! We’d love to help you with some stories of our own and great ways to save both time and money. We both came from homeschooling families and are the oldest of eight. Now, we each have a daughter under one and are able to implement what we learned as kids. The two of us met while teaching at a private school in Kansas and became very close friends. We now live halfway across the country from each other and writing this blog gives us an opportunity to work together. So stick around, and see what we’ve got!

How can we help? Well, one of us works outside the home while the other is a stay at home mom. Our lifestyles vary in many ways so we’ll have something for everyone.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our email and follow us via your favorite social media.