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Back to Work

Back to Work


Twelve weeks have gone by quickly. It’s almost time to go back to work…Thursday. For the past week, I’ve been mentally preparing, trying to imagine it. Work itself won’t be a problem. I’m a good pharmacy tech, I know my job. As I’m sure all of you working moms could tell me, it’ll be hard leaving the baby. Sarah still needs me so much and I don’t want to miss a minute of her life. It’s going to be painful, especially the first day. I’m so used to spending my entire day with her.

My schedule isn’t going to be easy either. I’ll be working part time, but it’s almost full time:25-30 hours. My schedule is not consistent. Start and end times vary as do the length of hours. Some days I’ll work nine hour days, others: five.

Of course, I’ll also have to balance pumping time at work. Before Sarah came, I hardly ever took breaks and now I’ll have to work them in. Any pharmacy tech knows that its hard to take breaks due to the work load. You leave for 15 minutes and come back to it being worse than before. I’ll also have to pray that my milk doesn’t dry up. I’d hate to put Sarah on formula.

Currently, my problem is that Sarah will not take a bottle. I’ve tried multiple times but she only ends up getting mad. I don’t want it to be a problem when I’m not there. I read somewhere that most babies won’t take a bottle from their mom when they know she has milk in the breast. These articles recommend having dad try the bottle with baby. My husband is going to try later after work. I’ll let you know later if it works.

At least I have one big relief in all this stress. Sarah will be watched on different days by her two grandmothers. I’m so lucky to be able to rely on family when I need them most.

For the rest of this week until Thursday, I’ll be valuing my time spent with Sarah and getting milk stored in the freezer.

Note: I made a graph for my mother-in-law to keep track of Sarah’s activities. This would also work for keeping track before Sarah’s well-baby checkup. We are offering a printable version to any moms who could use it. Here is the link:

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