Travel Trouble

Travel Trouble

Travel Trouble

A word of advice: when traveling by plane, have some form of ID for your little one. Let me explain why.

On our recent trip to Chicago we had a travel hiccup. We were flying Southwest and were surprised to find no online forms for Sarah.  When flying from Portland, we boarded the plane as usual. None of the airport personnel mentioned a thing about Sarah, except the normal “cute baby” statement. I did ask someone if I needed anything for Sarah but was assured that I did not. We thought this a little odd, but disregarded it.

Then the hiccup occurred. On our return flight we were waiting in line to board the plane. If you are familiar with Southwest, you know that seating is not assigned. Instead, passengers lines up by number designated on their pass in the terminal. Anyhow, we were among the first passengers to line up. When I got to the gate entry and handed the pass checker my pass, he asked me about Sarah’s pass. As you can imagine I was very confused. He explained that I needed to have a Infant lap seat pass so they could keep track of the number of passengers. I was then told that I needed to go back to the gate counter and get that pass there.

I immediately headed over the desk and had to wait in line nearly 10 minutes. By this time I was very stressed. I was afraid I might miss the flight. Unfortunately, my husband had already boarded and was unable to join me. He asked our friend, Graham who was traveling with us to join me and help if possible. When it was my turn to be helped, the lady at the counter asked me for a form of ID to show that Sarah was my daughter and under 3 years old. As luck would have it, I had forgotten my phone back home and none of my insurance cards had Sarah’s birth date. Her name was on my medical card so that was proof that she is my daughter.

Now I had to show proof of her date of birth. This was where it got difficult. I was getting increasingly frustrated. Sarah might be on the larger side for her age, but she most certainly does not look like she is 3 years old! I mean seriously! She’s barely 3 months old! Would you like to know what ended up working? Facebook! A Facebook picture of us in the hospital. Only, it was the day after Sarah’s birth and I had given the lady her date of birth. The lady hemmed and hawed and finally accepted it as proof. Her words were “you’re lucky I’m a nice agent, otherwise I wouldn’t accept this and you’d have to wait till tomorrow.”

When she handed me the pass, they were getting ready to close the terminal doors. Luckily, we scanned in and boarded just in time. From now on, when I travel with Sarah on long distance, I will be sure to have something to prove her age and that she is my daughter. I advise you to do the same. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please comment below if you feel so inclined.


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