About the Writers - Two Moms In Two States

Hello! My name is Caitlin Ross. I was raised on a farm in Tennessee so I have a deep love of faith, family, and yes, fried chicken….

A Southern Belle

Hello! My name is Caitlin Ross. I was raised on a farm in Tennessee so I have a deep love of faith, family, and yes, fried chicken. I was home schooled from 1st grade through high school and then taught at a private school in a small town in Kansas as well as worked as a certified nursing aide. In 2012 my life long dream to travel to Europe came true…I was off on a 2 week youth pilgrimage to Italy and France! Little did I know that on that trip, I would meet the man of my dreams. James and I were happily married on January 17, 2016 at St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church in Atlanta, GA. We reside in Kansas but not a day goes by that I don’t miss the gorgeous Southern panoramic scenery. We welcomed our sweet baby Elisabeth Rose into this world on the 7th of January 2016. I like to think of her as our little 1st anniversary present from heaven!

When I can find the spare time in between my mommy chores (I’m sure you mom readers out there know how often that is….not!)  I enjoy scrap booking, taking walks with my husband and baby, and trying new healthy recipes, particularly gluten free ones. I took piano lessons from the age of nine till I left home so suffice it to say that I am a little crazy over that instrument. Presently, my husband and I are trying to buy our first house.

Writing has always been a hobby of mine whether it be letter writing, essays, or book reports. I am really looking forward to writing this blog with my best friend and it’s my hope that lots of moms will find its content encouraging and useful. Happy reading!


An Oregonian

Hi there! My name is Catherine Haslebacher. Growing up, my family lived on a small farm in Oregon and I was home schooled K-12 and learned of faith and life values. I met my husband, Joseph, while teaching, in 2013 and we were engaged near Thanksgiving of 2014. We were then married at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in September of 2015 and our daughter, Sarah was born in August of 2016. I work for Walgreens as a pharmacy technician. We live in an apartment near Salem, Oregon but hope to buy a house in the near future but are waiting for the market price to go down. Right now it’s at a crazy high due to so many people moving in from out of-state.

My husband and I enjoy hiking when the weather is warm. Here in Oregon, the rainy weather makes it hard to hike from October through April so we find other ways to occupy our time. I enjoy baking and reading when Sarah doesn’t need my constant attention. She certainly keeps me busy. Our balcony never gets sun, otherwise I would happily garden. I very much like the rain, despite its constancy. I love writing and am excited about blogging with my friend, Caitlin.